Monday, March 26, 2012

Lost for words

The rest of my time staying at Tim and Meg's went well. On St. Patrick's day I did a little shopping and then babysat Tim and Meg's kids for them. Last week I subbed two days and did a lot of working out and filling out more teaching applications. This past weekend I basically felt so sick on Saturday(o the JOYS of being a woman) and then yesterday I spent the afternoon with a 5 year old. Seriously MELTS my heart :)

I really dont mknow what all to say lately so that is why I havent really been blogging much. I sent out 6 applications to some schools and so I am just waiting to see if I will hear anything back from them. I am praying I hear from the two that are really close to where I live. I have an interview tomorrow and another one next Wednesday for a summer job. I am not sure which one I want, so basically I am just gonna trust God with whichever one he wants for me.

I am sure some of you are TIRED of hearing me whine about being single, so I am not going to, even though I really need to vent about that and something else that is really bothering me. I just feel like I bore my readers with my complaining, so I am NOT going to complain because its not worth it.

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