Thursday, July 7, 2011

Missing Sheets

I so need to complain/vent right now. So after I was at the rec center for 2 hours today(I was really wanting a good workout/I have nothing else better to do so why not) I head to the bank, and then came back here to shower/throw my bed sheets into the wash. I figured I would take home some clean sheets while moving out things. Well I threw everything into the dryer and when I went down to pick everything up from the basement, I noticed that my pile was feeling a little light. I got back into my nice cool apartment(the hallway feels like you are in a sauna or something its so hot and dry) I dropped everything on my bedroom floor and started to fold my pile. Well while I was shaking out the mattress sheet, I noticed the sheet was gone. Like I have no clue in the world where it went. I started to panic. Went back to the washer and dryer I used. Both empty. Retraced my steps. Nothing at all on the steps or floor. I checked my closet. Nothing. Someone in my apartment complex STOLE my bed sheet. WHAT IN THE WORLD?! Seriously?! I am so annoyed right now. I even called and complained. I got laughed at. FOR REAL?! Well that caused all of my frustrations to even filter to the top more, and the water works came pouring down my face. I have had so much bad stuff happen to me in this apartment all year living here, and this was like the last straw. UGH :( Can I please have a hug, chocolate, ice cream, a kid to play with, a back massage, or a really awesome surprise be given to me right now?

Well, I'm off to the store to get a few things for breakfast tomorrow(I ate at Panera this morning because all I have in my apartment for food is applesauce, garlic bread, frozen veggies, pb, and some noodles) Needless to say, I decided to go for yummy bagels and muffins for breakfast. I hope you all have a great weekend :) Im off to Illinois in the morning for a wedding, to see project friends and to just get away.

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