Sunday, July 3, 2011

Stupid computer and internet

My computers internet button was OFF yesterday(no idea how that happened) but I fixed it. Last night I was super bored sitting at home all alone like I always happen to do and decided to type a blog on Word so that I can post it when my internet was working again. Enjoy!!

Work it out:
Wed-1 mile run
Wednesday I went to Cedar point with my friend Melissa for a few hours and then went to church. On Thursday, I drove down to Columbus and went to the water park at the zoo. I totally thought of you Miss Redsoxwife(Ruth) the whole time I was down there!! It was a blast to hang out with my friend Jen for the day and to not worry about anything. I drove down to my grandmas that evening and grabbed dinner with her. I hung out with my grandma all day yesterday and drove back home to Sandusky today. I am teaching Sunday school in the morning(Which went amazing, the 6 kids I had were seriously angels!!) and then going to probably send the day in the sun. Even though I got burnt on Thursday I still want to go outside. Hopefully I get in a run this coming week. I def. hate the fact I haven’t ran since Wednesday, but being busy is okay. I have been eating pretty well lately. Hopefully I can lose a few pounds. I have a job interview on Tuesday to be a nanny. Pray I get this job!!
Which recipe would you like next?
1. Chocolate Chip-banana bread
2. 2.Spunky Monkey Snack Mix
3. Peanut-butter and Banana waffle-wiches
4. Summer Citrus Fruit Salad
5. Light n Creamy Tropical Dessert
6. Cranberry swirl pumpkin cheesecake
Vote for which recipe you want and I will post it next time I blog 

Totally want to vent right now: I have been feeling VERY down on myself. Cant find a job. Cant lose a little bit of weight. Cant find the one the Lord has for me. Cant seem to have any friends want to hang out with me. All I want to do is be skinny, have a job, a boyfriend, some friends, and a baking party to give to the ones I love! Can I be given a break sometime?

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[Red Sox] Wife said...

join me in food journaling this week???

write down everything you eat and when you ate it and how you felt (hunger scale of 1-10, 1 is not hungry at all and 10 is starvinG).... it should help us :)

also... hooray for dublin!!! isnt it just GORGEOUS!?!? so jealouss.