Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I think I did too much

Work it out:
Sunday-5 miles
Monday-4 hours of mulching. I am SOO counting this as my workout for yesterday. I am SORE from it!
Today: swimming and 4 mile run. I have to say though, I did it ice cream TWICE today. And I totally feel sick and as big as a whale :( I so wanna cry or make myself 20 pounds lighter :(

I got FREE dinner last night because I helped my youth pastor and his wife mulch. I have NEVER done it before, but I am now say that I am not a rookie anymore, so bloggers if you need a friend to help you mulch, send me to your house and I will do for you, as long as you go running with me, bake with me, and let me take pictures with you :)

Today I relaxed this morning, then went to Soak City for two hours with some cuties for a couple hours, got some Dairy Queen, then came back showered, ate dinner, ran 4 miles(I think I got the shower out of order but I was GROSS from swimming) then went to a bible study and I got ice cream :( I totally HATE myself, but tomorrow I will run in the morning and will be walking for 8 hours at Cedar Point so I guess it will even out. I am going to be indulging in TONS of fruits and yummy things that are good for me tomorrow. Today was just a bad bad day :(

Tomorrow is my mommas birthday so we are going to the point to celebrate and then I am going to church in the evening. Thursday I am going to Columbus to hang out with a college friend and then going to gmas house for a few days!

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Lindsay and James Cotter said...

no worries, enjoy the day and not regrets. right? I hope today is full of new beginnings.