Sunday, June 12, 2011

My heart is feeling sort of blah

The Bride and Groom :) Please dont mind my hair. The wedding was OUTSIDE and needlesstosay---my hair decided to have a mind of its own :) I ate TOO much candy yesterday at the wedding, but o well I'm going to do better with my diet :)

I went to church this morning. We talked about taking the bible seriously. I am really going to be working on reading and studying the Word more, even memorizing scripture. After church I went into the parking and saw the youth pastor by my car and I had a flat :( I went to lunch with the youth pastor and his family. I got a HUGE headache, barely ate my food and seriously felt like I was dying. I went back to their house while he put the spare on for me. I got some medicine and got sick. I have NEVER had a headache made me sick to my stomach like this in a LONG time. It wasnt even hot outside today. It was like a spring day today. Pastor Tim put the spare on, and then I was dropped by at my car. I came back, changed, and then just relaxed the rest of the ending. I ran 5 miles today as well. Tomorrow Im going for a run, get my tire back(he is taking it to the shop to get the valve replaced) maybe go to the library, and lay out in the fun sun :) Still no job, but Im just trusting God.


Lindsey said...

You're so cute! I like your outfit. :) So sorry you got a bad headache! It's much too easy to let our daily Bible study get lost in all the other activities we do, but it's definitely the most important! :)

[Red Sox] Wife said...

cute pic! you will find your job soon enough! I was sent out about 30 applications before I got my job... and only got about 5 actualy rejections! job searching sucks :( so sorry but it will only get better and be that much sweeter when you DO get a job! chin up!