Monday, June 13, 2011

Take Four

The title is NOT only the title of the book I am reading right now by Karen Kingsbury, it is also happens to me the FOURTH time I have been turned down from a job. First a nanny, then the day care, then a lady never called me back, and I was suppose to have an interview on Wed. for a babysitting gig, and then I get a text while I was heading out to go get my Cedar Point pass saying they dont need me anymore. WAAA! O well, I am just learning to trust God in this VERY difficult circumstance in my life right now.

I got my Cedar point pass today, laid out for an hour and a half, AND got my tire fixed. WHOO!!

Lately, I have been really feeling down--about everything lately. I have been missing dad alot lately, and have been thinking about if I would have talked to them more about my faith, he would be in heaven. I have been thinking if I was thinner or skinner, I would be engaged to this guy I was "talking" to the whole fall semester of my sophomore year of college. I have been thinking that if I was just better at life, I would already have a job and I wouldnt be feeling so sorry for myself. I am really really trying to just be okay with everything in life lately, but I just IDK feel like Im in a FUNK and I cant get out of it. Will someone please hire me, or find me a date, or give me a 'dad' hug?

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Lindsey said...

I'm SO sorry things are so tough right now, girl. If a guy won't take you how you are though, he's not the right one, believe me! Wish I could pop over and give you a hug!!