Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cleaning out the closet

With no job-it is causing me to do random things in my mom's house so far. For instant, today I was looking at the hall closet that is by my bedroom. It is above our laundry shoot, yes we have one, and it is full of puzzles and games. Well it was. I decided to clean it out :)

I first found the card game--Battle of the Sexes. I read my mom all of the Boy card questions, and seriously if we were playing for real we would have WON! My mom was like so incredibly smart. Whoa momma!

I then found puzzles--Lion King puzzles, Mumpetts(sorry I forgot how to spell Babies, it!!) and then Nsync and some other bad boys. My mom decided that since they were all out, I should put the puzzles together. If they are missing pieces, they are going to get throw out. IDK what we are going to do with some kid style puzzles(I guess I could use them for my classroom-Africa theme or something) or we can sell them--for what 40 cents?!

Nsync puzzle that has NEVER been open. Yes that is right. I am going to try to sell it on Ebay!!

The two puzzles so far that have all of their pieces. I just feel completely lame that I wanted all of these Lion King puzzles. My mom said my brother and I were like in LOVE with the movie. I have done a total of 3 Lion King puzzles, two have all of their pieces.

I am going to do this puzzle when I am done with this post. This shall be exciting.

Totally wish I had a friend to help me put puzzles together. I was getting really frustrated doing one of them, I looked at the box and it said Age:4-8. I looked at my mom and said, Mom my 2nd grade student teaching class could have done this with a breeze and yet I have a COLLEGE DEGREE and I am getting frustrated. What.the.heck. I finished them though. No worries.

My mom already made me dinner-she grilled salmon and corn on the grill. She had to go to work by 4:30 so needless to say I am home alone once again, and had to eat dinner at like 4:15. I am sure I will be STARVING later. I did eat cereal for breakfast, after I ran 3 miles, a salad for lunch. I want frozen yogurt so badly but there isnt any places in Ohio. I guess I could get Tofts ice cream, but I dont wanna go there alone. O well

I LOVE Toft's it is so yummy!!!

Off to do more puzzles and listen to music on Pandora. O speaking of Pandora--last night I couldnt sleep when I got back from church, so I turned on my computer and was so incredibly hot when I was trying to get comfortable, so I was trying to think of ways to think 'cold' well then I made a Christmas Pandora station. You can judge me if you want, but I LOVE Christmas Music. It is by far my FAVORITE music EVER!!

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denise* paper angels said...

oh wow nsync!! i used to really like them when i was a kid! they were the coolest boy band around. :p i love puzzles too, the part i hate most tho is not knowing what to do with them when you're finished!!! :p