Monday, June 20, 2011

No Witty Title

Work out:
Friday-Swimming, Relay for Life(my legs and hips were KILLING me the next day!)
Saturday: 3.5 miles
Sunday: took a walk, Wii Just Dance(My arms are so sore)

This weekend def. drained me. So many crazy activities and crying a lot and just being the weekend. I could use a vacation for sure.

I havent worked out yet today. I woke up at 7:50 and it was already hot outside :( Ill get my run in later, if not Ill do an abs video

Not really sure what to talk about--Father's day was hard for me like always. I cried a lot in church, cringed every time the pastor said the word dad, and kept looking around the church at all the dads out there that are sort of like a dad to me.

Been feeling left out lately. All of my friends back home are married, so they all hang out together. I dont have a job, so I have no money. Im not dating anyone so I cant really 'hang' out with that group of friends. My mom is never home and my brother never really is home other than to sleep/shower, so I am usually home alone in the house and it makes me really sad. A friend from school asked me if I was depressed, and honestly I dont know if I am. I just want a group of friends to include me for once. So wish I was going back to college in the fall.

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