Friday, June 24, 2011

Sweaty Mess

Work it out:
Thursday- 1.2 miles of running
Friday- 1 hour of elliptical and then some lifting.

I went to church on Wednesday night for a little crowning awards thing. Had two cupcakes and then went home. Drove home in the rainforest storm we were having outside, read and then went to bed.

Yesterday, I ran, showered, packed, library(twice in one week UHHH I guess Im addicted to reading???????!) then had my interview. I thin it went okay. I wont hear anything until after the 4th of July. Pray for me!! I then drove to Toledo, unpacked, packed up some things(to bring back with me) then went to IHOP with my friend Sarah and had a hot chocolate.

Today I ate oatmeal(YUM), went to my friend Alana's, watched Morning Glory, grabbed lunch, then went to the rec. I did the elliptical for an hour while reading a book and listening to music. I seriously LOVED it. When I get a job, I am so going to save up so I can get a pass to a gym. Im gonna miss having that sweet rec on campus after August :( I am suppose to hang out with my friend Erin tonight. We're suppose to go get pie(can we say homemade and the best ever) and then Ill probably die of a sugar coma. Ive been feeling sort of blah lately. IDK if its because Aunt Flo came to visit, Im sick of this gloomy weather, not sure of my future, or just in a funk but my stomach is SUPER messed up. I have heartburn after every meal. A lot of things dont seem to agree with me. IDK what to do :(

Have a question: Did you guys like it when I posted recipes? Would you like me to do that again?

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Lindsey said...

Hooray for the elliptical! I always feel better after a good sweat. :) Pie, yuuum!

I love it when you post recipes!!