Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trying to focus on the positive

Well I cried myself to sleep, and Im giving myself a ME day before I go find another job. I was texting the music pastors wife about my sad day and asked if I applied to the day care she works at. I have and she told me that they are STILL hiring and she will talk to them the next time she works! AHHHH THANK YOU LORD!! I am praying that I get this job. If I do I will be so happy!

Off to do some laundry, go to Panera Bread with a sweet lady who has five kids and she is like a second mom to me :) I have already ran/walked 3 miles today, laid out for an hour, showered, and have done 3 loads of laundry. Yeah! Happy Wednesday(haha I totally just typed Wedding) O brother!! I would totally eat these yummy pasteries if I knew they wouldnt cause me to gain a thousand pounds!

YOU yes YOU should go to Ruth's VERY cute blog where she is giving away bowls she made HERSELF!! Ah!! Go enter for real!! She is such a dear beautiful friend in my life(even though I havent met her, but I WILL one day :)) and I am super pumped for this giveaway. GO there or be a COLD on this hot day. Yeah IDK where that came from. K thanks


[Red Sox] Wife said...

lol thanks for the shout out! mm i do LOVE panera!! I;ll be praying for you to get that job!!!!!

[Red Sox] Wife said...

okay, so I was reading this (which totally applies to my life right now) and realized it applied to you as well!!

I promise you it is a good read!!

Lindsey said...

Good for you - focusing on the positive is definitely where it's at. Hope you get the job!!

I'm with you on those pastries, they look so good!

essle said...

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