Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Totally not my day

I didnt get the babysitting job.
I almost got kicked out of my mom's house.
I didnt run today and then I ate salad and two little granola bars at lunch and hated myself afterwards.
I miss my daddy.
I feel so poor that I cant even buy groceries.
I have a migraine.

Needless to say I wanna cry and I at the moment dont really like God.


[Red Sox] Wife said...

Revelation 3:20-22

Daniel 3:24-26... maybe you arent sitting in a furnace of fire, but this could be your lions den. bear with patience your afflictions, everything will be okay and remember that everything you have is HIS. stay close to him and he will take care of you!!! I promise.

Lindsey said...

Agree with above comment. Things will get better, *hug*