Friday, May 27, 2011

Home, Interviews and running

Tuesday, Wednesday and today I havent been able to hear out of my left ear that well. I am not sure why. I think its because Ohio has became Seattle, its raining buckets like everyday and the pollen is trying to kill me. O hello allergies I quite hate you right now.

I went to bible study on Wednesday and we talked about our prayer lives. I have been struggling with praying and everything lately. I just feel so down about life-cant find a job, dont have a boyfriend, and I just feel lonely so much lately.

I went home yesterday for a babysitting interview. I am praying that I get it. I believe that it went well. I am really hoping that I get this. If I dont I am going to be so sad and hard on myself.

I didnt run yesterday but have been running alot this week. I went for a run today and my hips were so sore and it made my butt hurt. Sorry if that was too much information, but I am not sure why it did that.

I am really into Make It or Break It right now. I think its because I was a gymnast for 13 years and this show is about gymnastics and stuff.

I am hanging out with my friend Chelsea tonight. We are going to have spaghetti, garlic bread and fruit. I hope that this is good carbs to eat. I just feel so gross and nasty lately. I want to diet or not eat the rest of my life just to lose like 5 little pounds. I need to tone up my stomach. Any tips of what I can do?

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[Red Sox] Wife said...

hmmm i would just say go for whole grain carbs (like made with whole wheat, or at least unprocessed stuff) and just eating a lot of fruits and veg with your regular whatever you eat :) 5 pounds can be hard (I know cuz I still have that to lose) but you can do it! :) usually it is when I am least concerned/focused in it is when I end up losing the most weight. and just make sure you are not running TOO much too soon...a good rule of thumb is not increasing mileage more than 10% a week. the runnerswordl website is AWESOME if you ever have questions about running. thats where I get all my info from :) good luck on the job hunt and keep in mind, there was not even a cloud in the sky when noah started building his ark... faith precedes the miracle. God has his eye on you and has your plan all laid out. sometimes you just have to wait for him to let you in on the details :) love you xx