Monday, May 9, 2011

I did it!

I'm waiting for my mom to post my graduation pictures online and then I will post them onto my blog so you can see me in my cap and gown :)

I visited my class this morning, and they all hugged me, made me cards, give me a class gift, and I took a picture with them, that I cant post because they are students and all. But I will say they are all CUTE :)

Commencement was 2 1/2 hours long, and boy did I wanted it to end when I was done walking across that stage. I cant believe I am a graduate, I mean I do have to wait 30-45 days until that diploma is mailed home, but I am still in awe I graduated. I still need to take Praxis 2(July 23rd baby) and then once I pass that I can apply for my teaching licensure. I am praying that I can pass it. I still CANT find a job--I am getting sad and depressed about it. I will do ANYTHING, babysit, clean, work wherever I can. RAWR! LORD, please give me a job soon or else I'm going to go INSANE.

Its beautiful outside(beware it is FREEZING out tho) I'm going to go run soon and then make a salad for lunch. I need something to entertain me soon or else I'm going to go CRAZY!


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[Red Sox] Wife said...

wow you have to take praxis 2 already? I've only taken the first one.. we only have to take it by the end of our 3rd year of teaching. SO glad you gradutated!! I'm sure you'll find something soon. the lord will provide... he always does! :)