Monday, May 30, 2011

Hurting Hips

The wedding on Saturday was beautiful and Im so excited to go to two more this summer. Ahhh!!

Its so beautiful outside today and Im excited to sit outside for a little bit, even if I do wish I had a pool to lay at.

I ran today but my hips were so sore. Am I getting old? Why do you think they hurt? Anything I can do to help them?

I am choosing on my own will to cut out sweets and junk food for a week, just to see if this will help me to lose a few pounds. Will someone keep me accountable?

OSU lost Jim Tressel. It is a sad day to be a Buckeye Fan, but hopefully they can do it this coming season.

Thank you to everyone who has fought and served for this country. Freedom isnt free.


[Red Sox] Wife said...

um hello DEVASTATED about tressell :( totally made me almost cry. almost. Um I am probably the worst to keep you accountable on account of me eating half a thing of oreos yesterday :) dont stress about it too much. I am TRYING to get myself down to one small "treat" a day... its more manageable at least to me than going out cold turkey. but if you can do it, ytou are my herooo!!!!

are you stretching? thats why my hips get sore, because I forget to stretch/foam roll :) hope you feel better, chika!

Have Your Way said...

I may need to stretch more that may be my problem! and yes I almost wanted to cry myself! I def. ate two types of ice cream from Tofts yesterday-banana peanut butter cup yogurt and peanut butter cup. heaven in a cup!! Oreos are the BOMB!!