Monday, May 2, 2011

Its May already?!

I will post the recipe for the Lemon bars this weekend if someone would like it :)

I graduate in 6 days and I cant find a summer job :( Im freaking out and I even had a break down about it today :( LORD, PLEASE send one my way :(

I need to lose some more weight, any tips of what I can cut out of my diet(I dont drink pop, I on occasion eat desserts, I dont really eat breads/pastas/rice and yet I still feel as big as a whale) when school ends, I am back to running 6 days a week, running 2-3 days a week is KILLING me. BOO Sorry Im being so critical on myself, I just idk have a really bad self image and have such a low self esteem. Sometimes when I feel people look the way I want to look, it really kills me inside. UGH

I only have 3 more days of student teaching. I bought a new cd today--Christ August. IDK what else to say other than I observed a 6th grade class today and I LOVED it, so wish I was in middle education.

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