Monday, May 16, 2011


So I babysat today--Can I just say that I get MOMS props for real!! I had to feed two children lunch, dress them, change one, drop one off to preschool,almost freaked out when the littlest one was trying to run ALL OVER THE PARKING LOT and I almost had a heartattack.While Kinsey was at preschool, Joel took a nap. We then had to pick her up and I became a jungle jim while we were waiting for dad to arrive home.

I get home from babysitting and I see some mail on my bed. One is something from Deilas. AHHH MY FAVORITE STORE EVER. And a magazine. I become quite confused because I havent had a magazine come to my house in years. Well then I look at it and it is PARENTING. Uhhh I dont have a child, not even pregnant and why in the world am I getting Parenting magazine sent to my mom's house?! God are you trying to tell me something because IDK if I like this? O my!

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