Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Some photos from the weekend and before finals weekend as well!

One of my best friends, whom graduated with his bachelor of Science in Biology on Sunday too and is going to become a Doctor! Go Allen!!

We were at a bonfire at Allens the weekend before finals started and it was FREEZING out and we were up in MI and Allen LOVES Michigan and decided to give me his NASTY hoodie. Needless to say, Erin and I are Buckeye fans all the WAY!!

My cap my students signed.

This is my brother, Mike, who goes to Ohio State and drove 3 hours to watch me graduate :)

These are some of the girls that were in the education program with me..we survived and stuck with each other for 2 years!

I believe I am getting ready to go get my diploma from the stage!!

I am starting to get the hang out posting pictures on this blog! Go me :) Pray I find a job soon. I have been running everyday since Thursday and its starting to become a habit and a life stress reliever. I am becoming bored tho sitting in my apartment in Toledo with no friends no school and nothing to do.

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[Red Sox] Wife said...

yeahhhh OSU!!! gotta love my buckeyes!! congrats again and keep us posted on your jobsearch!