Sunday, May 15, 2011

Purple bracelets

I went home Friday, back to lovely Cedar Point town, applied for some jobs ( so far no luck) then just kind of did nothing all day. I went to a wedding reception yesterday and then drove back to Toledo last night for a birthday party. I drove back home this morning and then went to church. Im so tired of not having a job. I had a SERIOUS fat day today and Im surprised I dont look like a whale. Totally wish I was thin and pretty like some of you guys who follow my blog but o well trying to become more positive about the way i look and its hard.

Im sick of rain. I thought I lived in Ohio, but Seattle?!


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

It makes me so sad to hear you talk like this! Everybody has their bad/fat/blah days. The downside to these blogs is that you only hear the good stuff about people's lives--not always the bad stuff. Keep that in mind.
I hope you had a fun time at the wedding yesterday!

ATTrio said...

I know what you mean about searching for jobs and getting nothing! Keep up the good work, I know that sometimes when you least expect it good things happen.

I am so sick of the rain too! It is supposed to rain everyday this week here :( YUCK!

[Red Sox] Wife said...

heehee I know... rain is CRAZY in ohio. i miss it. we go from snowing one day to 90 degree heat. no spring for utahans!!!

it will come...

Jennifer Rod said...

I agree with @Vanessa... not all bloggers depict a real picture of who they are. but remember this God made you beautiful, and he sees you beautiful. you dont have to measure yourself or beauty by what you see in others. its ok to feel like that, i do too sometimes, but be true to yourself, your size doenst make you who you are, it goes deeper than that.