Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hot Hot Hot

Ohio decided to stop pretending it is Seattle and now moved on to pretend it is Texas. Wow Ohio, lets just make up our minds here because I just want a happy-medium at this moment!

I so need to jump on the wagon and get my Cedar Point Pass. Bloggers, if you come to Cedar Point or Ohio I wanna meet you :) :)

Still no word on the babysitting job I interviewed with. Im so nervous and anxious about it.

Last night I about lost my head-not literally but I was like freaking out about life. Well my relationship life. I have never been on a date, or had a boyfriend. I have gone to 3 weddings in 3 weeks and so many friends are married or engaged or dating someone and I just sort of feel left out in this world. I hung out with some friends Sunday night. There were 4 couples, me and another single girl. I felt so left out in this world. I am glad that I have friends back home, but I def. want a boyfriend. Sorry for being a baby about dating and such. It is just so hard. I have people tell me it will happen when I least expect it, I need to keep an open heart and mind, and that I have to wait for God's timing. Well I have waited 23 years 5 months and 27 days. I just want to feel included in the world for once in my life. That is all.

I forgot to mention but----I got my diploma in the mail on Thursday! Yay yay yay! It is official I am a college graduate for REAL!

I may lay out in the sun for a little bit today. That sounds relaxing and lovely. All by myself. I need something fun to do.

I dont think Im going to run today. It is WAY TOO HOT for me to run and body is a tad sore. Maybe I will do a workout video today. I have been working out everyday now since May 6th. Whoa buddy!


[Red Sox] Wife said...

wow almost a WHOLE MONTH of working out every day??? you rock, girl!!! and being in a relationship is so overrated... enjoy the single life my dear!! you will be married and barefoot and preggo before you know it, so live it up! travel! do something crazy! have fun :) you're included in my world, at least. and you better believe if i can make it to ohio anytime soon we are at cedar point, baby!!!

Lindsey said...

Just found your cute blog! I understand what you mean about sometimes feeling left out - but I'm sure our time will come! :)