Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane day

I have survived days of being in an office with 8 girls working at the board of Elections. I have battled tears and made it through my dad's birthday.  I laughed while watching 5 kids by myself.  I have spent endless hours laughing and being with CJ.  I am back to subbing again.  I was suppose to sub today but in OH  where I live we have such crazy weather that we have winds over 50 miles and have had endless rain since Friday, so today was a what? A Hurricane day? A Windy day? IDK but its definitely NOT a snow day! haha

I cant believe Thursday is November.  Tomorrow I have youth and its a harvest party. I am going as Wilma FlinStone.  Thursday I am subbing for 1st grade.  Friday I am subbing a half day and then going on a date with CJ :) This weekend is a relaxing weekend. I have nothing really planned for next week except Thursday is a sleep over with a few youth girls and then Friday and Saturday is Youth Convention in Cbus.  I am PUMPED to see what God does in the hearts of the youth that are going and maybe what He even does in mine!!!

Working out has definitely been on the back burner lately. I did work out yesterday and I am hoping that a little later I will do some work out with a little dvd.

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