Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I'm trusting that the Lord will one day provide for me my own classroom, my own students, walls, a place to share laughter, learning, smiles, love and joy.
I'm trusting the Lord will one day provide for me a husband. A guy who has the Lord first in his heart. He knows values and will work hard to show me love, joy, and to be there for me and our future together.
I'm trusting the Lord that one day I will experience a father's love once again. It does hard some days when I miss my earthly father and all that I want is love from my dad, to cuddle, to kiss him, get a hug, talk and it is bringing back lots of pain and heartache to me right now while typing this. I am hoping that wherever my father may be that I am making him proud.  That's all I want to do. Is to make my daddy proud of who I am becoming.

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