Monday, July 22, 2013

Hopping on a plane tomorrow morning!!!

VBS was seriously SOOOOO fun!!! The last night we had 150 kiddos!!! The kids brought in OVER 500 dollars for offering and so Elisa, Shane and Pastor Sam became a human sundae!!!

This past week I housesat/cat-sat and then was the responsible adult for two teenage girls.  Can we just say whoa?!  Monday we just watched movies all day. Tuesday, Laura and I did some stuff for church and then I left that evening to go to Cincinnati because Wednesday I had a teaching interview--which I didnt get.  Wednesday I came back and then hung out with my friend Jayce that evening.  Thursday I cried and basically there was drama.  UGH.  I also went swimming that day!  Friday I hung out with my friend Becki and then went to a bonfire with some of my friends(can I just say hanging out with 5 couples was a little weird?!)  Saturday I finished packing, helped one of the girls going get a bathing suit, and then hung out with a few kiddos that night.  Yesterday I went to church, went to lunch with a few people, baked, went to a pool party for some of the youth groups small groups.  Today is the 4:30 I am getting dropped off at the church and will make my way up to Detroit to stay the night!  Tomorrow morning I will hop on the plane and we will make our way to Belize!!!  OMYGOSH! I can't believe I am leaving for my mission trip...EEEEKkkkkkkkkkk!!!! I am SOOOOOO excited! I barely slept last night!!!!! Please pray for me!!!

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cori @olivetorun said...

I hope you have a safe trip and enjoy the mission trip! :D