Sunday, February 9, 2014

My life

I am sorry I took such a long long break.  Rest of Sept and Oct was spent housesitting, subbing, running, and trying to enjoy life.  

November was busy with subbing, youth group stuff and church things.  December I subbed 12 days, shopped, baked, hung out with friends and enjoyed the holidays.  

January I dealt with only subbing 9 days, a million inches of snow/ice/below zero temperatures and so many snow days I thought I was going insane.  

So far this month Ive subbed, tried to work out, babysat and that is about it.  Im tired of snow, cold weather, ice, shoveling, and feeling like a hermit.

I honestly may start blogging more.  I am starting to feel like I dont have any friends. I feel lost. I still love Jesus but I am tired of feeling sad/depressed.  I am losing my appetite and my motivation to do anything.  Heck I would LOVE to be able to move out of my moms and to have my own classroom but at this rate I feel like Ill never get it.  

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