Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Lately I have had snow days. They are seriously annoying. I graduate May 8th and then I am going to be at my school till May 16th. Are we SERIOUS right now? Boo! I need to find a summer job and work :( ahhh I may cry a bit. O I cant stress out about that now. God will provide for me no matter what.
Im still not so sure what Im doing after I graduate but I am trusting God. I am either teaching, interning with Crusade or moving back home to start paying off loans. I am just trusting God with what he will give me in this lifetime.
I am learning to yield my life of singleness to the lord. it will happen when it does. until then i am just trusting god that he has the best for me and that is this season of singleness.
Its so weird to think that I am graduating in may and my dad wont be here for that. he wont be there to hug me, kiss me, watch me walk across that stage and become a college graduate. it is so hard to think this is one of many milestones in my life i will go without dad. i have tears in my eyes just thinking about it. but he would be so proud of me. he always was. i was his princess and his only daughter. im trying to make you proud daddy<3

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