Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Will someone come rub my back or play with my hair?

Current issues:  I haven't slept very well the past 10 days. Its almost like my body is boycotting sleep or something? I dont know but it is quite annoying.  The little girl I am babysitting today is teething and she is down for her nap till 3. I am praying, crossing my fingers and toes that she naps today because if she doesn't it is going to be a LONG day for me today :/

Hip Hip Hooray!  I dont have to take my Reading Endorsement in the Fall because Ohio decided to change the requirements again.  I am also really PUMPED for this weekend....I am attending a conference in IL this weekend-an all girl conference and I am sooo excited to see what the Lord does in my life this weekend.  I am going to learn to Shine.  I am seeking the Lord's face and I am going to let him do ANYTHING He wants to do in my life.  I have NO expectations for this weekend, but that is good. I am letting chains down and letting him transform me and my walk with Him :)

Nothing yet on the teaching field :/  I am trying to be patient but it is VERY hard.  I just want the job that I went to college for.

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