Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Red Headed crushes...migraines...drama drama for a llama

It's been about a month since I've posted so I guess I should update you all on my life!!!

April 18th-20th I was in IL for a conference Call Original--the theme was Shine! I got set free from my self image issue. I even came home that weekend and DELETED pictures, texts, etc that reminded me of CJ and the relationship we had.  He has moved on, has a new girlfriend, and I honestly don't care about him anymore.  I know the Lord will provide the right man for me when the time is right!!

The Rest of April was filled with babysitting, subbing, running, watching soccer games and church events.

May 4th I was in Cbus for an event with the little kiddos at my church. Heck I even had to DRIVE a church van back from Cbus to Sandtown.  Holla!!!  I felt like a SUPERhero!!!  Maybe a mini-van is in my near future ;) haha  On the 10th I went to my gma's and hung out with her!  Saturday I went to a wedding for a few college friends and it was a lot of fun! I LOVE it when I see friends from college! It seriously makes my heart soooo happy!!!

I have had a migraine since Saturday night :(  if I dont feel better by tonight after youth group, I am going to the ER bc it is seriously so frustrating :/  medicine isnt helping. Ive even had people pray for me.  I am back to barely sleeping again :( I slept from 11pm till 2am this morning.  So far I feel okay, but I guess we will see how the day plays out!! I'm sure you are wondering why I have red headed crushes in my title....well when I was at the wedding on Saturday, I saw an old guy friend from college whom I liked for about a year while I was in Toledo. Well he still lives in Toledo, is single and working full-time with the degree he got(social work) While talking with him, feelings I had for him flooded back into my heart and now I seriously wish I lived in Toledo still so that I could see if this could possibly go anywhere with him.  Please pray for me.  I am praying about it so I guess I will have to see if anything happens.

The rest of the month is filled with babysitting, a single mom's luncheon on Sunday @ my church, subbing on the 21st, grad party on the 26th, possibly seeing my friend Chelsea and her class on the 24th! and another day of subbing on the 30th.

I finally have all the funds I need for Belize for July!! I seriously CAN'T wait to see what the Lord does in my life when I am there in July!!!  A lot of fun things to happen this summer!  Nannying, Cedar Point trips, Belize, a wedding to attend, and maybe friends visiting :)  I hope you all have a great Wednesday!!! God Bless :)

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