Friday, June 7, 2013

Heart Break...sleep overs...running...

On the 19th my church had a Single Mother's Luncheon. My mom went to it and honestly said that she liked it. I helped served drinks.  It was a great outreach!!

I had a few more days of subbing but Im done for the summer!  I am babysitting and not making a lot, but you know its okay. I know the Lord will provide for me!

I tried Pen O X or whatever it is for P90X and let me tell you I was sore for like a WEEK!! It was nuts!! I am still running, still doing strength training and I am actually doing the 30 day squat challenge right now. I am actually two days behind at the moment and later in this post Ill tell you why.

I went to a Bachelorette party on the 1st and it was a lot of fun! Dinner and bowling.  The 2nd I went to a grad party.

This week has been a whirl wind of a rough week so to speak.  Monday evening I was leaving my friend's house and Meg had sent me two text messages..and one said that Cj's mom was killed that night. She was riding her motorcycle, following her husband, and a Jeep failed to yield and hit her.  She hit the windshield and died shortly later at the hospital.  I really haven't spoken to CJ this week, but I know that he is definitely hiding his feelings.  I went to the showing last night. The funeral is today at 11.  I know that we aren't dating anymore, but I still care for him. His mom was so incredibly sweet to me and she was a dear lady.  I will definitely miss her hugs and her sweet personality. I have been taking this really hard. And I honestly think it is because I know what it is like to lose a parent.  I really haven't had an appetite all week and basically I eat in front of people so that they know I'm eating and not being all mopey.  Please be praying for CJ and his family.  I really appreciate it.

This weekend I have a baby shower, a grad party and a meeting.  Next week is filled with babysitting :(  and then Thursday/Friday I am going to a camp to help with a retreat.  I am nervous/excited/anxious.

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