Friday, November 12, 2010


Im thankful that last weekend:
~Ball state Cru's
~Project brothers and sisters-saw all of them :)
~school friends
~delicious food
This week has been not too bad. Classes have been easy. I was sick Monday-Wed and I skipped one class on Tuesday because I felt like crap. I went to bed at 6 that night and got up at 5 AM on wed! it was glorious!! I didnt have school yesterday and I dont have anything until Monday! I am following the Lord so closely this week because I know he is going to reveal something HUGE to me! Beauty was just one thing this week. Who knows what will happen when I graduate in May, but Im trusting!! Taking Praxis 2 tomorrow and Im not worried. Im trusting the LORD hard core through this! Hanging out with my friend today for lunch and then homework and studying the rest of the weekend. O, and my friend Tiffany will be over tomorrow after my test to see my apartment and hang out!

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