Sunday, December 5, 2010

8 places I'd like to visit

Christmas tea was alot of fun. Noone really sat at my table, but its okay. I still had fun. My mom got to hear the Gospel and I'm so grateful I am a part of this wonderful community and Campus Crusade. Pray that the words she hear last night grow deep in her heart.
Where would I like to go?:
1. Australia-I would LOVE to go there and see how beautiful it really is
2. Africa-its really been on my heart lately, and I'm hoping I get to go there sometime
3. Boston-I want to go there so bad, to see the beautiful city and soak up the East Coast and see my project friends
4.India-it is the partner country of my campus and I'd heard so much about it I sort of want to go now
5.Hawaii-I have a friend who lives there and its beautiful so kill two birds with one stone?!
6.Maine-I heard its beautiful up there
7.Brazil-I dont know why I picked this place, the name is really fun to say I guess!?!
8.China-I would LOVE to go share the Gospel there

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