Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nine Things I cant live without

Happy 23rd birthday to me. Gah I feel like an oldie right now! Haha I went to breakfast with my friends Alana and Dana and I loved it. Peaceful, laughs, friends, and Im so grateful we have stayed friends even though they both are married and I'm still single. I am grateful that I had a dad who loved me and showed me love on all of my birthdays-the first 21 years of my life. Thanks dad for being so gracious and lovely to me all those years.
Tonight is Christmas Tea. Im excited and anxious to see how my mom reacts to this night. Pray with me for my mom.
Nine things I cant live without:
1. Jesus-Idk where I would be without him, and I just need him EVERY moment of my life every single day
2. water-that is just a DUH be a stick and i need to survive
4.books-i love learning and reading and so i cant live without books
5.smiling-i LOVE smiling and its so good for you to smile :)
6.children-they light up my day, cause me to want to scream, but im so passionate about them and teaching them
7.clothes-its sad that Adam and Eve sinned and they realized they were naked, but at this moment my clothes are keeping me warm and snuggly in my apartment. Plus I wouldnt want to run around naked either. can uplift my moods, bring them down and basically it is my life.
9.sleep-i cant think of anything else and i guess if i didnt ever sleep i would probably fall over from exhaustion and that wouldnt be good so sleep bring it on.

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