Sunday, March 20, 2011

Can I do it

I still feel rather discouraged--so not sure where God is going to take me on my life journey after graduation. I want to teach, but then I dont. I want to be in a relationship, and yet its not time for me. I want to be married, and yet I havent met him yet. I want to move away, but Im scared to death. I want to pay off my loans, but yet I need a job. Guess Ill just be on my knees crying and praying out to God about my future.
Week 11 of last semester of college starts tomorrow. Im so tired, so annoyed, so ready for this semester to be over with. Im sick of lesson plans, of teaching, of grading, copying things, being sleep deprived, wearing the same clothes every week, but yet my heart has been captured by those children. Those children I love each and every one of them dearly. Its going to be hard to leave them May 18th. I hate I wear my heart on my sleeves most of the time with children.
Starting Thursday, I am going to wear one dress for a month. To help with awareness for sex trafficking. It breaks my heart women out there so young, so gentle are getting awful things done to them. I am not wearing my dress the morning of April 8th for a job fair, or the morning of April 17th for my 5k, and Im gonna try to wear it as much as I can during the school week but Im doing it for women out there that cant stand up for themselves. Ill do it for them. Pray for me as I do this out of faith

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Cait said...

i just came across your blog and i fell in love. you are so giving and honest in your posts its inspiring! honest you're blog is amazing :) i love how you're going to wear a dress every month for human trafficking- i agree it goes without being said how horrible it is for those woman that we can't help but getting awareness is out is step 1! you can do it girl! pray, stay positive and know that you're awesome!