Saturday, July 14, 2012

All smiles :)

4th of July I went to the movies with my friend, ate lunch with her and then went to bed at like 8!  That weekend I went fishing with my friend on his boat and then went swimming at a lady's house that night.  On Sunday I went to my friends fiances house and helped her paint.  Had youth group that night and let me tell you I had a BLAST!!!
This summer in Axiom, we are doing a thing called Water Wars. Well, we played a game called Acid Rain.  It was really fun.  It was a relay race. They ran about 40 yards, then slid under a 2x6 in a mud slide thing and then had to run to a HUGE barrel to get a ball while getting sprayed by a water hose.  I played and let me tell you all week my thighs have been SORE!
Work has been okay this week.  I did leave work early on Wednesday because of some female issues but I am sure feeling a TON better!  I cant believe that in a few weeks I will be done with the day care and getting ready to start subbing again.
This week was VBS at my church and OMGOSH it was insane.  I am so sad that it is over.  I LOVED seeing the kids dancing, singing and having fun while learning all about Jesus :)
SOOOO.......there is this boy who I sort of have feelings for. We have been texting a lot this week. We hung out Wednesday and then hung out last night.  I am really starting to like him, and we do have approval from a few people we knew would need to approve before something happens between us if it does.  I am just trusting God and relying on Him to help me through this.
Off to finish baking, go to the library and then get ready to hang out in the great outdoors.

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