Monday, August 13, 2012

Need prayers

Saturday I went to a bridal shower, and then hung out with the Smelcers the whole evening.  It was great.  Tim and Meg are seriously so amazing in my life :)  They are the spiritual parents I never had growing up!!
Yesterday I went to church, then youth where I saw kids run thru mud, run over tires, slide down a "cave" climb over a hay bale and find puzzle pieces in baby pools full of ramen noddles! haha  I then went to the derby last night with CJ and a bunch of people from Axiom. It was really fun, even though I didnt wanna be there!!
Today I went to the Smelcers and helped Meg price tag a bunch of baby clothes and then I hung out with her kiddos all afternoon. I am writing this blog post because on Wednesday I have an interview in Wednesday.  I am nervous, scared, un confident and just not sure this is going to happen to me. If not, then I do have like 6 school districts I am going to be subbing in so I guess I would most definitely be getting jobs all fall.  Thursday I am hanging out with one of my "adopted" mommas and then on Friday I am going canoeing with the youth group.  Crazy busy week!!!  Prayers for me would be so appreciated.

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