Friday, August 10, 2012

Whirlwind of life!!!

Lets see here:  The 23rd-the 27th I worked a ton at the daycare. The 27th was my last day there till like Sept/Oct.  School is gonna start soon EEK!!
28th-I went to Emily and Mel's wedding and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!
29th-I went to church and helped with water wars---which involved tires.
30th-did nothing
1st-was with the smelcers all day long :)
2nd-went to the zoo and then Cj and I became official bf/gf that night :)
3rd-went to the guys softball game and slept at libbys :)
4th-got brunch with mom and libby
5th-church all day long
6th-hung with the smelcers
7th-babysat the smelcers
8th-today I was in Cincinnati helping my friend Chelsea set up her classroom it is SOO cute :)

My life is super boring and I am cutting out some foods in my diet bc i just feel unhappy about my weight and  i really need to tone up my stomach

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Ruth Dowling said...

Congrats on the bf :) I knew it was bound to happen sooner than later!! Good luck this fall with work!!!