Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Just trying to swim

Last Tuesday I was in Toledo and my friend Lauren's mom and aunt did a mock interview with me that night. Wednesday was my interview. I totally flopped it. Half of the questions I was asked I wasn't sure how to answer because I never experienced what they asked me. So I guess I will be subbing for another year.  That evening I hung out with CJ.
Thursday I went to the Smelcers and helped Meg then laid out with my friend Becki at the beach and then watched the Smelcer kiddos.  Friday I went canoeing with the youth group and then watched CJ's two softball games which they WON :)  Saturday I went to a worship experience thing at my church from 10-1 and then helped Meg the rest of the evening.  Sunday I had church, the church picnic and then helped Meg till like midnight. Yesterday I was at her house from 10-9.  Meg is seriously a HUGE blessing in my life.  I love her and her family. They are seriously incredible.
Running is okay. I need to find a race or something because I am getting really bored with it :/
Jesus and I are doing good. Lately though I have been feeling bored with my reading and quiet time.  I dont know how to get it spiced up :/
CJ and I are doing great.  Hopefully soon I will post a picture up here.  Lately I just havent been knowing what to say on my blog. No one really reads my posts and I feel like noone reads my blog anymore.  Maybe I should just get rid of it? Not sure what to do.

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Jess said...

Sounds like a tough week! Hopefully there is a better job in store for you down the track.