Sunday, September 2, 2012

Clinging to hope

You guys it is September!!!  What the heck?!  The last few days of August was filled with finishing helping Meg get everything ready for the garage sale at her parents!!!!  That Friday evening I hung out with CJ and we were going to go bowling but ended up going to Steak N Shake.  Last weekend I went to watch Joel play soccer but he FREAKED. I ended up going to a worship thing that Saturday night. Sunday was church and then the mud pit with the youth group. Let's just say I was NASTY!  CJ and I were then invited over to Tim and Meg's to hang out with some other couples and eat pizza. It was a lot of fun!  Monday I babysat the Smelcer kiddos while their dad went to a baseball game and their mom was at work.    Tuesday I subbed. Wednesday I subbed. Thursday I hung out with Meg and then watched her kiddos.  Friday I went to a football game and then yesterday I hung out with my mom and then babysat.  Today I have church this morning but not sure what I am doing the rest of the day or even tomorrow.  
Can anyone tell me some stuff to do to tone my arms, legs, butt and stomach?  I seriously just need something NEW in my workouts.  I feel like I havent been seeing any results and I have been eating really decent.  *SIGH*  
I really dont have any friends here. I feel so lonely. I dont even know why having a blog is helping me. It just makes me feel even more depressed.  Blah.

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