Thursday, August 4, 2011

Grace found me

Work it out:
Tues-3 miles
Wed-nothing(got sonic twice, kill me for all I care)
Today-3 miles

Having this week off from nannying is really making me feel so incredibly bored. I like to be home(no rent or bills) but I have no community here. I have no friends and such. Yesterday I hung out with the youth pastors kids. I took them to get Sonic, went to a bookstore and I got some sunglasses and such. My mom basically got on my case yesterday because I dont have a guy and she thinks I really need to find one.

I have been struggling a little lately with my walk with the Lord. I am still going to church and stuff, but it's been hard to getting into the Word and read. I know that I still have my faith, his love and grace but sometimes I feel like His plan isn't falling into my lap and stuff. I guess Im asking for people to pray for me. I would really love that!!

I really want my hair to be long. I want to be able to braid my hair and wear it really cute.

Im not going to be eating any sweets or junk for 30 days starting today. Can someone keep me accountable and/or want to do this with me? Ill try to post a bible verse everyday!!


Sara said...

Hang in there! Subbing won't be all that bad once you get your paperwork in. One of my friends has subbed all last year and got called in almost everyday. She was probably in 3 or 4 different district's systems. If it doesn't get done before school starts, that's ok! Most teachers don't start missing days or have PD til after the first few weeks anyway.

Maybe you could try out a new church? That has a young adult group or something? Just an idea.

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

draw closer to him, be patient, and keep praying. 3 things that helped me with my walk.