Saturday, August 27, 2011

I need to move out

Ever since I became unemployed again I feel like a bum. This week has been very crazy. Let's see.....Last friday I went to MI and heard my friends talk about their trip to Kenya. I was so jealous! I want to go there SOO badly!! Saturday I did nothing, just stayed at home, and then I went over to my youth pastors house and helped his wife get their kids ready for bed. Sunday I went to church, then the church picnic and then babysat that evening. Monday I did nothing. Tuesday I got my PRAXIS score and I PASSED :) Whoo!! I then had an interview and I rocked that thing! Once I get my teaching license mailed to me, got to get them a copy and then Ill get an email saying Im hired!! I then went on a walk/dinner date with my friend. Wednesday I went to Toledo to turn in my papers and then helped with youth group. Thursday I did nothing. Yesterday I helped my mom clean. I HATE cleaning. It was so boring. I wanted to rip my head off because I hated it. I just got home from a run. I have a wedding tonight and then Im actually staying in MI tonight and wont be back home till tomorrow sometime. Im so excited. I seriously NEED to move out. I HATE being back home. My mom works all the time. There is like no food in the house(its all sweets and I am DONE with sweets) I seriously feel so embarrassed to live in her house. I need to move out, make something MY home and stay there. I just need to get a job, get stable income and then move out. I hope to move out soon!! I cant stand to be here anymore. Pray that I get a job SOON so that I can move out and live by myself again

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Lindsay and James Cotter said...

you'll get there allie! in good time. So glad you got hired!