Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall smells

Yesterday and today I have subbed!! I am def. so wiped out. Who knows what the rest of my week will look like. I have ran the past three days. I def. want to build up as much mileage as I can before we get snow here in lovely OHIO. I dont have a gym membership(I need to get one) and then maybe running this winter will happen.

I have been bored all evening, so I decided I would bake. I asked my mom via text if she likes muffins with cinnamon and she said I LOVE cinnamon!! I found this website and made these :)


I will post pictures later this week :)

So I have a funny story--On Saturday evening I was texting my mom and this is how a conversation went:

Me-Can I get a fly shot this week?
Mom-You want to be immune from flies? yeah sure

Hahaha I still cant believe that I said this. I am such a weird person. It was pretty funny if you ask me.

Why are Christiam commercials already being played? It hasnt even been Halloween yet?!

1 comment:

Sara said...

Mmmmm... those muffins sound good! I love cinnamon.

Glad you've got to sub and run the past couple days! Running outside can be done in the Ohio winter, trust me!

So did you get a fly shot?? Haha...