Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Is anyone out there?

I feel like noone reads my blog anymore. Do I need to do something weekly-a triple tangent, a weekly recipe, a weekly workout recap, a giveaway..what do I need to do in order to attract people to comment, to read my blogs? I feel like lately I have been writing this just for myself. I know that I am real in my posts, but its hard for me to find the words to say things. I am not good at writing letters to people, or journal, or story telling/writing. I really am trying.

Subbing today for a 3rd grade teacher this afternoon. Im tired. Im cold. My fingers are so stiff.


iheartvegetables said...

I'm here and reading! :)

And if you want more comments, it might help to turn off the spam blocker thing. Not because you want spam, but because some people comment and close the window, and if they don't realize they need to fill out that weird character thing ,then you'll never see their comment!

Just an idea!

Lyssah said...

Visit other people's blogs and comment on theirs. I've seen a few readers hit mine from that (make sure you put your blog in the place for website). Also, link to your blog on facebook, so your fiends who may not blog see it. Asking a question, like Sammy does, at the end also helps spark conversation. Even if it's on a journal type piece, giving people something to focus on when commenting will empower them to do it.