Friday, September 30, 2011

I'll see you when I get to heaven

Madison Grace..You were so beautiful. I loved your little smile, you lit up a room when anyone walked in there with you. You were only 10 months old, but I knew the Lord would use you in mighty ways. My heart is heavy for your mommy, your daddy, your brothers Zach and Noah. My heart breaks for little Mackenzie, I'm sure it will be hard for her to lose her baby sister. Its hard for me to watch your aunts Hannah and Grace feel grieve,and especially to watch your uncle Eli who would have protected you until you got married. I pray for your family Madison, that they feel the Lord's comfort, that they cling to you in this time of loss. I pray that they feel your presence, that they can eventually realize that this is a time to trust you, that this was your plan for baby Madison. I am quite jealous that she is already in Heaven with you Heavenly Father, but I know that one day soon I will see her again.

Please pray for this family--Charity and Shawn at the parents. Naamam, Eli, Grace, Hannah, Jacob, Mark, Danielle, Delilah and her husband are going to miss her and so will her grandparents. Pray for comfort, love, peace in this difficult season. Thank you

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