Monday, September 12, 2011


This weekend was full of randomness. Friday night I spent the evening cleaning a basement with my mom. Needless to say we still have a LOT to tackle still and at the end of this project Ill know a TON about basements! Saturday I did nothing but wash a million towels and visited a friend and her little baby. Sunday I went to church, to the park, got ice cream(that I later felt guilty about) and then watched football with a bunch of friends.

Im still in shock that 10 years ago yesterday I was in 8th grade when I heard about the attacks and the airplanes and buildings I never knew about.

Good news blog friends------I got my teaching license on Saturday. My rockets may not have won, but at least I was way proud of them after that game. I turned in my stuff today at one school district this morning (its going to the board on Wed!) and then I faxed my license to a company so that I can wait once again for an email saying the next part of this long boring process. I am just so so sick and tired of doing nothing. Im sick of feeling like a loser. Im sick of not having friends or a life. I am sick of feeling like I am wasting my college degree on doing NOTHING with my life. Blah now I feel like I am going to cry my poor little eyes out. Wah. Can some blog friend please come be my real life friend and hang out with me, run with me and just be an encouragement to me.

Well I'm back to doing laundry, cleaning the basement and praying that I can somehow lose 15 pounds without really wanting to work out today? I have NO motivation at all today to do any physical exercise and I really need to. I feel like Im getting fatter by the minute.

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