Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rain rain go away!!

Have you ever felt like your body just feels completely EXHAUSTED?! Mine is like drained.
Sunday-Church, went dress shopping with a few girls, went to a friend's house.
Monday-RAN, half day of subbing in 3rd, then went to dinner with a friend.
Tuesday-full day of subbing in PE gym class, then did random workout things
Yesterday-half day in Special ed, ran, church
Today-took 3 kids to school, ran, going to have lunch with a friend, mting tonight.
Tomorrow-All I know is that I am baking cookies, working out, and seeing a homecoming parade!!
Saturday-christmas program 10-12, and going to grandmas!! Sunday I get to see my brother for his birthday!!!

I am TIRED from waking up at 530 all week. I hurt. My body is like DONE with running, but I need it to keep going. I need to keep running. I can do about 3 1/2 miles. UGH I seriously am like wanting to KILL Myself for signing up for a half in April. I feel like I cant do it. UGH

Fun things coming up in October:
4th-brother's 21st
15th-parents annvi.
16th-dad's birthday
21st-possibly going to cp with a group of friends
22nd-23rd-possibly going to cincy to see my best friends
28th-hayride/bonfire with friends in MI

Hopefully more subbing days(have had 4!) more running, baking(send me some FUN recipes I want to do more fun creative ideas!) and hopefully some dinner dates with some young ladies!!!

Anything fun you looking forward to in October?!

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