Monday, September 19, 2011


Well, I am guessing by my title you want to know why I am saying PRAISE THE LORD!! I want to praise him because he is SUCH my provider in this world. I feel like lately I have done a TON of grumbling, whining, crying, being pitiful and awful. Well my friends(do I have any out there?!) I am going to praise GOD because He seriously BLEW me out of the water this morning!!

First off, I have 8 friends pregnant: yes you read that right. Brittany due in later this month/October, Tona is due November, Julie R. one December, Ashley February, Christine in March, Becca is April, Whitney and Julie T. are due in May. HOLY CHICKENS! I feel like the world is repopulating!! I am SUPER excited for each one of them, especially since a few of the babies are MIRACLES from our heavenly Father, but at the same time, I am TRYING NOT to be sad about it. Yes I desire to be married, have a family, and be a mother one day, but right now it is VERY difficult for me NOT sad and be cry about this.

Okay, enough of trying to hide my emotions from you: I turned in my stuff to P-district today(hoping I get called ASAP). I called H and M districts today--they are waiting on one of my references to get back to them. Well come on lady lets get this ball ROLLING! I then was starting to feel anxious, so I went to the answering machine and listened to the machine, hoping I could find the Renhill number to call S-district. I called the number, told them I wanted to check my progress of my application, and the lady goes is this Alicia(yes that is my LEGAL name) and then tried to say my last name and butchered it. I said yes this is she. She then goes,"O well I just sent you your welcome packet." In my head Im thinking, I have to wait how many days for the mail? I said, in my email? She said yes. I check it and BAM! Im hired by them!! So now I have to keep clicking the refresh button in this website so that I can try to grab a sub job. I am seriously so giddy and excited! I want to celebrate! Wish I had some friends to celebrate with right now. O well. Maybe soon?

It goes to show me that my God has some BIG plans for me :D


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Great news about your teaching plans--I'm sure you will have some jobs lined up soon!

fogformuses said...

Congrats Girl! So glad to hear it...keep us posted.