Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just one of those days

This morning I woke up, cold to the bone. I was lazy when I woke up. Ate some granola. did some arms(going for a run later). straightened my hair. read/watched some tv. bank. gas. eye appointment. told the eye doctor about my left contact moving on me. Then was told I have some weird little dots on my eyes. Took out my contacts to get my eyes checked. tears come pouring out fest number one. went to pay and tears coming pouring out fest number two. have to wear my ugly ugly glasses for three weeks :( went to panera to ask my mom if i can go get the drops. tears come pouring out fest number three. go to kroger. lady told me it was take 20 minutes. look at magazines. realize i havent eaten lunch. go get my drops. was told it would take a few more minutes. tears come pouring out fest number four. a little old man asked me if there was anything he could do. said no. got said drops. walked to car and a dumb dog started barking at me and scared me half to death. got to car. tears coming pouring out fest number five. drive home. get mail. got PARENTING(idk where it is coming from but whatev) a car from a friend whose bridal shower i went to and then a letter. a letter saying that a school district wants me to be a SUBSTITUTE :D My little sad eyes arent crying any more. After having such a crazy afternoon, coming good came out of it. In my devotions this morning, I told God I wasn't going to worry about a job, that I am trusting Him, and look I got a letter saying they want me to sub this school year! Gotta turn in a form on Monday and then I will be good to go :) Yay I guess I just needed to Let go and let God handle my life. As for the eyes, gotta put some DUMB drops in my eyes four times a day, become a cloudy mess and wear my ugly glasses for 3 weeks. This may bother my running, since I dont like my glasses, have never RAN in my glasses, and I can barely see anything without them. Hmm May be work out videos for a while. Pray Pray pray that I hear from the two companies soon.

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