Thursday, September 22, 2011

Llama Drama

Okay so this is gonna be a bullet point blog...just hang tight.
530AM-alarm goes off. turn on computer and type in my password with eyes shut.
537AM-pull up website i need to see if they need substitutes for the day.
0618AM-a position flew on the screen and i grabbed it. jr high. said title 2.
0655AM-out the door and driving to the school. school starts at 730.
710AM-pull in. walk into office. sign in.
get into the classroom and read the teacher's sub letter. Mouth flies OPEN. I am teaching 5 Social studies classes. 7th grade-2 of them. 8th grade- 3 of them. Read plan and figured well hey this will be a really easy day.
730-a teacher from the team comes in, introduces himself to me(he was there at the building when I was in jr high hahah) and tells me that my first period will be my hardest class for the day. I swallow and say okay.
745-bell rings and students start to come in. All of a sudden I have 6 behavior sheets being handed to me, wanting to be filled out. Get told I have to rate their behaviors/actions during class and then give it back to them at the end of class.
HR/1st Period-I wanted to CRY. Was called small fry, Hispanic. Boys wouldnt listen to me. Things were falling around the room. No one would really listen to my directions. I sent two boys to the office-one was throwing things, being disrespectful, and the other one was telling me off. I got mocked.
2nd period-PRAISE the LORD. Had a few chatty students, but they listened and were quiet when I told them.
3rd-They were angels. They listened and got their work out.
4th-team planning
5th-planning period. read my book I brought
6th-lunch. ate my lunch and then read.
7th period-Students start to come in. Was told they have AP(study hall till 1) I let them have it until 1255. They were getting really noisy and out of hand. I take attendance. Was told that a girl was in the hall and was always late. I go out the door, see her, and call her in. She comes in. She goes to the back of the room and sits at the table and not her desk. I tell her she needs to be in her desk. She said no. I said we all are sitting at our desks today. She argues with me. I tell her that she needs to do what I say. She tells me to F*** off. I about CRIED. I told her that we dont speak that like in this classroom and was told to go to the office. I take attendance. Every student is laughing while I am saying names. Uh hello it is NOT my fault your mother gave you THE hardest name EVER to pronounce. I didnt go to school to pronounce names. I went to be a teacher! Gave them their assignments. I seriously felt like every 4 minutes I was telling someone to be quiet, to turn around to do their work. Well this one student started to complain about the door being open. I turned off the fan because they were loud and told them they didnt get the fan because they werent be quiet. This girl started to whine and try to leave. I said sorry no. She then starts to complain about her cough, her throat. She then starts to spray nasal stuff in her nose. I told her they werent allowed to have medicine in school. Well then a student starts to yell at her for having it, and next thing I knoew she tells the boy to shut up. I said we dont say that in this classroom. She was bugged again, and then said shut up to the boy once again. I told her that it was rude to say that and to get back to her work. She then told me to shut up. I sent her to the office. 15 minutes later, class is over, they are sitting at their desks with no privilege to talk or do anything. Just to sit there.
8th period-they were a little chatty, but by the time it hit 230 I was done. I had a headache. My body hurt. I wanted to cry, sleep, scream, and just go home. Needless to say I had such a crazy day with junior highers. I seriously give mad props to people who teach/have taught junior high/high schoolers. I got annoyed with their little attitudes, their dumb little attitude noise, being rude, not listening. I just wanted to shake them!! I will probably sub at that school again, but next time Im bringing headache medicine, and a longer book to read. When they were doing their review questions, I read my book. I didnt want to be BORED. All I gotta say is that, the Lord seriously got me through that day. If I didnt pray throughout today, I probably would have flipped a lid during 7th period. O and I was told I was mean. Well Im glad. Someone has to lay the law down to you ladies and gents.

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Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Yikes! Glad you have lots of sub jobs but that day sounds tough!