Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mommy for the weekend

This past week has been CRAZY for real-
Sunday-church and then went to a hang out evening with some friends
Wednesday-subbed and church
Friday-Went to someone special, Halloweekends at Cedar Point with a friend and then went to my youth pastors house to start my mommy weekend.

So a few weeks ago, the youth pastor and his wife asked me if I could watch their girls while they went on staff retreat in VA beach(I am so incredibly jealous fyi) I told them I could watch them over the weekends. Well Friday evening I got there, got the low down of the instructions and went to bed. Saturday-got up, got ready and made eggs :D then went to my house to get my play binder, got smoothies at Mickey D's(coffee for the adult ;) and then went to practice from 930-1. Came home, I ate lunch, then we played House, made Chocolate chip muffins for breakfast and then cleaned up and took a walk. We then came home, ate cereal for dinner, then I took them to get ice cream. We bathed, had a tea party and went to bed. Bed time was so insane. They wouldn't go to sleep, they kept getting up, talking, walking around and of course I kept waking up all throughout the night, and I am so exhausted today!!! BOO!! Its okay though. I am so grateful I have Tim, Meg, their two girls and their son in my life. They are like a second family to me for real. I love those kids so dearly!!! Today I am going to go for a run(fingers crossed) clean, possibly do a load of my clothes and maybe go over to a friends house to hang out after dinner. This week is full of working out(need to lose some MAJOR weight), subbing for sure at least once this week, youth group and a hayride on Saturday.

Starting yesterday I have given up sweets, chips, and all junk food until after April 22nd. I first off need to lose some weight, and I want to be healthier. I am also running a half marathon on that day, and I want to cut it out of my diet, so that I am not a slow poke zombie when it comes down to running in April. I will post every Saturday or Sunday about my eating and such. If I slip one day, please dont get mad at me. I know I am going to cry alot and be angry and upset at myself when I do so dont give me poo.

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Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Busy week! Good luck with your healthy eating plan!