Monday, October 31, 2011

Sick number one this season

Well I am sick. IDK really how to describe how I am sick. I think I have a fever and my throat hurts. Basically I am ignoring one of the school districts that is calling me to sub today. Its for an educational aide. I have never heard of it. Plus I would only make 10 bucks an hour. Uhh hello I would rather have the 90 bucks for the whole day(or 100) gee thanks. Please pray that I start to feel better soon. I do have a sub position for tomorrow-5th grade Math. Uhh yeah IDK what I got myself into. I def. am nervous about it though. Math is my worst subject! Havent worked out since Friday. O boy and I am barely eat much as well.

PRAY PRAY PRAY that I am healed quickly!

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