Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Need some fresh new ideas

Hello friends :) Today was seriously such a great and beautiful fall day!!! Instead of just a half day from 12-4 today, I got to sub a half morning and then a half afternoon. It was so fun. Gifted intervention this morning, and then 5th grade math. O boy I was teaching arrays, multiplication, division, fact families. Good thing I know how to read, and know how to do most of this stuff already!!! At least it wasnt FRACTIONS!! I went for a run after school, but it SUCKED. I did about 3/4 of a mile, and then had to stop. I couldnt breath, I felt so dead. I now have my mom's Christmas present bought!! Just need to buy something for my grandma and brother.

Also, I wanna try some sweet new workouts/recipes/books this winter. I know that soon I will have noone to really hang out with once it gets crappy, and of course a ton of my friends here in Sandtown are married/two are pregnant, so I am soon gonna have nothing fun to do. Any new ideas to help me jazz up my life?!

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Lindsay and James Cotter said...

well, i have some recipes. Ever try those muffins? Hope so! Glad you ejoyed today.