Monday, November 7, 2011

Give me faith Lord

Wow that weekend FLEW by!! It was a fun but crazy one!! Friday I subbed for 5th grade and was called a unicorn!!! If you want the story, leave a comment and Ill let you know it! After school, I went over to my friends Amanda's house! We made dinner, baked brownies(yes I ate brownies with a Klondike bar so sue me!!) watched two movies, and played Disney Channel Scene it!! I needed that evening for real!!

Saturday-Christmas program practice, chilled in the church, grabbed lunch with a youth student, ran, and watched all three of the Twilight movies that evening!!

Yesterday-church, grabbed Mexican with a friend, relaxed, and then went over to a friends house for the evening after an hour of worship!! Love spending time with my Lord and Savior!!

Today I subbed for music. O my gosh it was insane!! The teacher didnt leave a lesson plan, so we basically watched movies all day. HAHA Im a good sub ;)

So on Friday I ate brownies and ice cream and then on Sat I ate some candy. SO basically since I have done my whole no eating sugar for 6 months, I have failed 3 time so far :( Someone PLEASE keep me in check for real!!

This week is hopefully full of date with a friend on on Thurs..and baking like a machine for this weekend! This weekend I am going to Cbus to help chaperone the youth groups trip for a convention. This will be interesting--girls in my room, no sleep, riding a van...hopefully I will have pictures to show of this weekend!!

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Candice said...

Good luck with that! and HAVE FUN!